June 6-14 Italy's Dolomites Trek

date of event: Saturday, June 10th 2017 @ 7:00am
location: Ortesei Italy
Ortesei Italy
Register by: Tuesday, January 31st


Trekking the Italian Dolomites adventure.

June 6-14, 2017

OuttaTownProductions hosts a 7 day trek in northern Italy which will include transfers to and from the airport in Venice(we all have to arrive at same time at same airport). Most meals and all lodging included in 3 star hotels and 2 huts. All transfer of luggage included. Maps, suggested trails, and sites included. We'll look for at least one via ferrata.

Hikes each day will be from 6-12 miles with up to 4000 ft elevation gain. Via Ferrata trails are optional, but you don't want to miss these.

Maximum of 8 trekkers including me, your OTP host. So only 7 lucky hikers will get to join me!

There is a $500 non-refundable deposit to get a spot on this trip. Deposit will be deducted from final cost of trip.

Total land cost is $2300 each. Obviously you must have a current passport.

Register and pay your deposit online at: http://www.outtatownproductions.com/event.php?id=39

Airfare is up to you, the trekkers. As long as your final stop is at our announced airport within 2 hours of our posted itinerary. We will all share a shuttle to our starting town/hotel. Fares to Venice run about $1700 on British Air from Phoenix with only one stop. You an go cheaper, but remember, more than 1 stop means more chance to lose luggage, miss connections and take 39 hours for a flight that should be 13-15 hours (from Phoenix).

Depart — Tue, Jun 6
14h 00m
10:10a — 5:46p
Economy 4h 36m
Phoenix (PHX) — Philadelphia (PHL)
British Airways 6988 Narrow-body jet Airbus A321-100/200
Operated by American Airlines
Change planes in Philadelphia (PHL)
0h 54m
6:40p — 9:10a *******
Lands Wed, Jun 7
Economy 8h 30m
Philadelphia (PHL) — Venice (VCE)
British Airways 1563 Wide-body jet Airbus A330-300
Operated by American Airlines
Return — Wed, Jun 14
16h 09m
12:15p — 3:45p
Economy 9h 30m
Venice (VCE) — Philadelphia (PHL)
British Airways 1572 Wide-body jet Airbus A330-300
Operated by American Airlines
Change planes in Philadelphia (PHL)
1h 45m
5:30p — 7:24p
Economy 4h 54m
Philadelphia (PHL) — Phoenix (PHX)
British Airways 4672 Narrow-body jet Airbus A321-100/200
Operated by American Airlines

If you are coming from anywhere other than Phoenix, your landing time in Venice must be within a few hours of 9:10AM on Wednesday June 7. We'll all then shuttle to our hotel together.

Another adventure of a lifetime for you to experiance. Don't miss out. Get Outta Town!

Cost: $500.

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