Tri-Ball Tournament Rules

2015 Tri-Ball Tournament Rules (copyright 2009, updated 2015)

Basic rules:

  • Coed teams of 3. Men's and women's tournaments are also possible.
  • Each team plays 9 games, on every section of each court system, playing every other team at least once.
  • The goal is have the lowest total points accumulated over 9 games. Team’s scores are added up at the end of 9 games
  • Games are timed to 15 minutes.
  • 3 contacts allowed per team.
  • Each team starts at zero.
  • Teams gain points in any situation, they would normally lose the ball in regular volleyball rules (if the ball lands on their side, if they do not get a serve over, if they hit the ball out, or have an infraction of the rules).
  • When the timer starts all courts at once serve.
  • The serving team serves until a point is scored against them.
  • Ball can be served immediately after previous ball is cleared from playing field and all players are on their feet. (they need not be in ready position since the game is on timer.)
  • Serve then moves to the next team clockwise, who serves until a point is scored against them, and so on.
  • Teams must rotate positions (and stay there) every time they take possession of the serve. The server plays the LEFT side. Players must not overlap positions.
  • All serves and hits can go over any net.
  • Rally scoring with no receipt of serve with open hands, let serves are good, no contact with any of the net allowed, block does not count as a touch. No “deep dish” sets allowed.
  • You can attack a serve at the third team, but not back at the serving team. If a ball has arched flight, it is not considered an attack back to serving team.
  • The center pole is live play, but it can not bounce back on to your court on the third play.
  • If you hit the ball over your net and under the connecting net, it is a point against that team.
  • If you hit the ball into the second net and it runs the top or bottom of the net and drops out of bounds without being touched, it is a point against you.
  • Teams not playing on the court must surround the court and shag balls so play may continue uninterrupted. They feed balls to the serving team. Failure to do so by a player or team results in a 10 point penalty being added to their final score.
  • If end of game is signaled during a play, you must finish out that point.
  • Grass and Sand Tri-Ball have identical rules. Only the court size differs. Grass nets are 32ft long and Sand nets are custom made to 22ft long.